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How to Grow Your Natural Hair Wearing Protective Styles



It is no secret that protective styling is amazing for a variety of reasons. They're cute, make your daily routine so much easier and convenient, and if taken care of properly, can be the cause of MAJOR hair growth


1) Sleep with silk or satin scarf/bonnet

   You should already use a satin scarf, pillowcase, or bonnet every night. There is a huge  importance of sleeping on satin 

2) Moisturize

   Just because you have a protective style, doesn't mean you should neglect your hair . You should still be moisturizing daily, or every other day.  First spritz hair with distilled water. Next, use a light -weight moisturizer such as our Daily Moisturizer that will launch next month!

3)  Wash

     If you're going to keep your protective style in for a month or longer, then you need to wash your hair. Yes, its safe to wash you hair while wearing your box braids. Of course, it may take a little more time being careful with braids and etc, but it's totally worth having clean hair. Remember clean scalp and hair helps promote hair growth.

4. Use A Growth Serum

   Last, but most importantly , you need to use a quality Growth Serum and oil blend. Our Hair Growth bundle features two oil blends: our Blossom Growth Serum + our Protective Style Oil. Both oil promotes hair growth, but our Protective Style Oil differs with  a few different ingredients that also helps with maintaining scalp health. Check out the bundle an it's awesome ingredients here: https://www.forkinksncurls.com/collections/bundle-deals/products/hair-growth-system

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