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DreamDoll Approved! DreamDoll uses this Hair Products to Maintain Healthy Hair

  DreamDoll has been using our natural hair products and she's LOVING our Blossom Growth Serum and our game-changing Protective Style Oil .   Both oil blends are made with the BEST, top quality, oils that not only promote hair growth, but have plenty of other benefits for curly hair as well.  Our Blossom Growth Serum contains oils such as Babassu, Avocado , Castor oils and so much more. It's trulya superfood for hair growth!  Get your Blossom Growth Serum here:   Our Protective Style Oil contains a blend of Almond, Coconut, Grapeseed, Eucalyptus,and a proprietary essential oil blend that not only promotes hair growth, but also maintains a healthy scalp while your're rocking your box braids or even your...

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The Benefits of Avocado Oil for Natural Hair

All of us, naturals, are always looking for the best products and oils to use on our hair.  Avocado oil is truly a hidden gem because many naturalistas aren't aware of the MAJOR hair benefits it has. Here are the benefits of using avocado oil: Avocado Oil helps you grow longer and healthier hair Provides UV protection - perfect for those summer months Helps maintain a healthy scalp Prevents breakage Helps with dandruff and psoriasis Provides moisture to the hair strands and builds strength  Our Avocado Oil is  and is only $9 + FREE u.s. shipping , purchase it here:  

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How To Grow Your Natural Hair

    1. Let Go Of That Heat Sis!    Applying heat to your hair everyday or even every week will hinder your growth  and make your strands brittle and weak. Instead, opt for styles that require little to no heat , as much as possible. 2. Protective Styling     Protective styles are perfect for trying to grow your hair. This is because it requires little manipulation on your hair. It gives your hair a break and saves you time in the morning too! For maximum results you need... 3. OILS You need to aquality oils on your scalp that stimulate hair growth. Our BESTSELLER Nourishing Growth Oil is made with top notch growth oils infused with vitamin e- only...

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